Fusion Whisky Decanter



There is something seriously luxurious about savouring your favourite whisky in a beautiful whisky decanter. The weight in your arm and the smooth exit of liquid as you pour it into your favourite glass is one of life’s lovely little pleasures.

And why shouldn’t you enjoy life’s little pleasures? Now you can with our heavy-bottom fusion (lead crystal) whisky decanter, perfect to add that little bit of glamour into your life.

RCR crystal, produced in Tuscany has over 40 years of experience in perfecting their stunning luminous crystal. RCR crystal not only glimmers in the most glamorous of ways but also plays its unique tonality as opposed to the dull sound of glass. RCR offers a range of classical yet contemporary glassware designs, which is shown in its true essence with our heavy-bottom whisky decanter.

Perfect gift for someone special or a little treat to yourself, we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the luxuries of life – so what are you waiting for and get yours now.

Product details:

Capacity: 800 ml

Height exc stopper 18.8 cm

Height inc stopper: 22.5 cm

Hand wash only

Made In Italy