Black Leather Hip Flask with Pouring Funnel


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You can hear the roars from the stadium and almost see the electricity in the air. We’ve been looking forward to this for so long, I can’t believe they made it this far. The game is halfway through as my favourite player runs up the field, passes to the right and then it’s fired back. The shot of all shots was to be now. Will you make it son? GO ON, GO ON, GO ON goes round and round in my head. My teeth grit and my palms sweat ….. I can hardly breath… then GOAL!!!!!!! We jump high in the air and something hits my chest, oh yes, my new hip flask from mum – what a better way to christen her I think as I reach in my pocket and pass her around the gang. Mmm tasty, now I just hope they win the match!

You just never know when you might need a wee dram and what better way to be prepared than having your own hip flask to hand. Our leather covered stainless steel hip flask is the answer. Whether it be a ski trip in the mountains or an outing to the football, this 16oz stainless steel hip flask covered in luxurious black leather, complete with pouring funnel for refilling and presented in a stunning gift box could not be a more perfect addition to your day.


Stainless steel

Black leather covering (also available in pink)

Hand washing recommended

16 oz