RCR Prestige line is the eye-catcher in your own lounge bar
With the RCR Prestige line you definitely get an eye-catcher at home. This set can shine in your own lounge bar. The clean lines ensure that you immediately fall in love with the Urban whiskey set. If you're looking for a high-quality gift set, RCR Prestige is the right choice for you. The line guarantees quality and the luxury gift packaging makes it complete. The line has been specially developed for people who are looking for beautiful luxury items to enjoy.

Entirely made of Eco crystal glass
RCR Crystalleria Italiana is at the forefront when it comes to Eco crystal glass. They develop their own recycled glass in a green way. The glass is produced with the lowest possible CO2 emissions using solar energy and wind turbines. It is recycled and new crystal glass is made. Of course lead-free because lead is of course not good for our environment. In addition, they have improved the glass. For example, the glass is made extra strong and transparent. This allows the color of your whiskey to come into its own. Another advantage is that they have made the glass dishwasher safe. So you can put the set in the dishwasher without any problems.

RCR Prestige is completely hand-cut glass
The price difference between RCR and RCR prestige is large. This is due to a number of things. First of all, it is the appearance, top designers and high quality eco-crystal glass that is used. In addition, the carafes and glasses are completely hand-cut. This is also indicated in large on the packaging. A unique gift because you can hardly find hand-cut glass anywhere else. Most glasses are ground by machine as mass production. This is different with the RCR Prestige line and this is what makes the Urban whiskey set so unique.

Made in beautiful Tuscany
With the Urban whiskey set you bring a beautiful set to the Netherlands from warm Tuscany. Glass of excellent quality is produced among the green hills of Tuscany. This is immediately reflected in the quality of the glass. RCR has been doing this for over 50 years now. In short, you get 100% guaranteed quality glass from one of the largest producers in Italy.



The RCR Prestige line is one of the most exclusive glass collections in the world. 
The Urban is one of the eye-catchers in this collection. Extra striking is that the decanter and glasses are cut in a striking 
checkerboard pattern. This gives a unique mix to enjoy. The Urban whisky set is 
 is now even more fun to give as a gift. The set is packed in a luxury gift box made of high-gloss black 
and gold lettering with RCR Prestige. The box contains two Urban whiskey glasses and an Urban decanter. 
The set includes a booklet with background information about the RCR Prestige line.

Brand: RCR Crystaleria Italiana
Line: Prestige
Material: Lead-free Eco crystal glass

Content: 85 cl
Height: 190mm

Quantity: 2 pieces
Content: 29 cl
Height: 93mm
Diameter: 82mm

Designs by Manola Del Testa and Luigi Trenti