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Here at Heritage Glasses we are devoted to perusing the importance of heritage and believe the glass you hold says so much more than just what you like to drink from it. We value the fundamental needs, desires and joy of understanding your family heritage and believe that by understanding our own past not only equips us with the tools to realise our identity but also provides us with a deep and meaningful sense of belonging in a world that sometimes seems unruly.

Luxury Glassware Gifts

Unlike other companies, as a small family run business, we have the unique opportunity to search out the very best luxury products while being able to offer them at affordable prices.


Our range of products offers a personal style and sense of sophistication, as the weight of our glassware stands the test of time and is passed down through generations.

Oak Ageing Barrel + Whiskey
Whiskey Travel Set
Crystal Decanter Set
gin glass gift
Crystal Gin Glass
Fusion Whiskey Decanter

Heritage at Our Heart

As Europe’s most dedicated company selling heritage glassware, we have made it our mission to bring heritage back to the forefront, introduce this important point back into conversation and give our ancestors the recognition they deserve.