RCR Prestige is a very exclusive line of whisky glasses from RCR Cristalleria Italiana.
RCR has been the market leader in crystal glass from Italy for over 50 years. They are one of
the few in the world to develop Eco crystal glass.

The RCR Prestige Skultura whiskey set is made entirely by hand from Eco crystal glass.
It is a beautiful set that is really only given on a special occasion. It is therefore not
a set that is for everyone. The RCR Prestige Skultura whiskey set comes in a luxurious
black gift box. It really is a gift to give to a whiskey lover.

Brand: RCR Cristalleria Italiana
Content carafe: 80 cl
Height carafe: 172 mm

Glass content: 29 cl
Glasses height: 93 mm
Glasses width: 82 mm

Material: Luxion Eco crystal glass (lead-free)
Set contents: 1 carafe and 2 Skultura whiskey glasses


RCR Prestige whisky set for your own lounge bar
The RCR Prestige set is an exclusive handmade set and is of course not for everyone. If you dream of having your own lounge bar, the Skultura will fit in beautifully. The design is playful, but it really comes out beautifully with whiskey in it. The design was created by the Italian Manola Del Testa. She was inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany. In the factory of Tuscany, the set is made entirely by hand from Eco crystal glass. The design is completely hand-applied in the decanter and glasses. This makes the set a unique piece of craftsmanship. Of course, the set is also really beautiful to give as a gift.

The hand of the maker is incorporated in it
If you look closely, the adjustments in the glass look like fingerprints. You can insert your own fingers here for extra grip in the glass. These prints are made by the hands of the designer. Each glass is therefore a unique fingerprint of the maker. This also gives the glass a special appearance. An appearance that you can expect from an RCR Prestige line. RCR Prestige actually makes drinking your favorite whiskey extra special. It is therefore a gift to give on a special occasion.

Entirely made of Eco crystal glass
RCR is one of the few glassmakers in the world with Eco crystal glass. It is a technique that they have developed in-house. They make leadless crystal glass from recycled glass. They adjust this for the best result and a brilliant appearance. The glasses are made on the basis of solar energy. After all, there is plenty of solar energy in beautiful Tuscany. This gives you a responsible glass that you can enjoy for years to come. Thanks to the adjustments that RCR has made, the glasses are also dishwasher safe. Ideal if you don’t feel like doing the dishes.

Meet RCR Cristalleria Italiana
RCR Cristalleria Italiana is the market leader in crystal glass in Italy. Glass has been developed and produced in Tuscany for more than 50 years. Everything here is done in-house and with Italian designers. The glass also proudly bears the title: Made in Italy. The RCR Prestige line is RCR’s High-End line and a line they are justifiably proud of. Get to know it yourself by ordering the Skultura whiskey set in our online shop.