Combo Stackable Whisky Decanter



The sparkles glistened across the room as we sat around the open fire and passed around the whisky decanter. I topped mine with water, grandpa popped in his signature single ice cube and mother topped up her Old Fashioned cocktail, it was a wonderful evening.

However you like to drink your whisky, our three stack combo decanter; the RCR combo is the perfect addition to your drink cabinet collection. Comprising of two whisky glasses and crystal decanter in three stackable sections, this exquisite home for your whisky, water, ice or cocktail mix can only but add elegance and style to your whisky drinking activities.

RCR crystal is not only renowned for its supreme high quality, but also its compelling radiating qualities as it bounces light off its smooth crystal glass surface in the most charming of ways. The perfect gift for grandpa, dad, uncle or friend – this combo stackable whisky decanter is ideal for those experienced whisky connoisseurs as well as those new to its ways and is assured to be loved by all who use it.

Product details:

RCR crystal

Two glasses with a 370 ml capacity

Decanter with a 345 ml capacity

Stack on top one another

Dishwasher safe