Oak Ageing Barrel for Whisky and Rum | 1 litre, 3 litre, or 5 litre


Small handmade tabletop white oak ageing barrel with a wooden stand. With this 1 litre barrel you can age spirits such as whisky to give it a characteristic new flavour. Each barrel has a medium char which allows the contents to interact with the oak, leaving it with a smoother finish and the burned wood releases delicate new additional smokey flavours along with caramel and vanilla.

The oak barrel is available in 1 litre, 3 litre, and 5 litre sizes.

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An ageing barrel (or aging barrel in the USA) is an amazing investment, allowing you to age spirits such as whisky, bourbon, brandy, port, rum and sherry. Oak barrels for aging whiskey impart new flavours and depths to your spirit, drawing on the char inside the barrel to impart tannins and lactones enhancing vanilla and caramel flavours and mellowing the finish of the spirit to make it both richer and smoother.

How to use your oak ageing barrel

Having your own ageing barrel allows you to age your spirits to your own personal taste. Our barrels all have medium char, which opens upon the surface of the oak, allowing it to interact closely with the subtle elements of the whisky or other spirit. This intensifies the mouth feel and adds a greater range of notes, so that your chosen tipple opens well, expands fully and lingers on the palate. The char is a form of charcoal that filters the alcohol and removes any impurities, further increasing the mellowing process.

Having control of the aging process allows you to decide exactly how your whisky or other spirt should taste. For a sharper spirit a couple of week’s mellowing made be enough, while for a really resinous, balsamic savour, upon to a year’s ageing may be preferred. Small barrels age spirits up to ten times quicker than the large ageing barrels used in distilleries as a result of their much higher spirit to surface area, causing more rapid interactions between spirits and wood.  Just sample your spirit every couple of weeks until you reach the perfect taste for you. An ageing barrel will give you many years of service, but each time you use it, you’ll find the barrel and spirit interact differently, so you’ll need to continue to sample your spirit regularly – although that’s definitely no hardship!

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