Dartington Crystal Just for One Gin Glass

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As mother and I lay back on the sunbeds we could hear the clinks of ice floating through the air. Our waiter approached our umbrella and we all smiled from ear to ear. Our G&T’s in their large fish bowl type glasses were placed down in front of us – oh how delicious they looked and even better they smelt. We held them up, closed our eyes, took in the sweet scent, then clinked each other’s glass and signed a satisfying cheers. Ah…just bliss…

Gin has rapidly become the drink of choice by many across the globe and continues to grow in popularity daily. This couldn’t be truer than in the country of Spain, Europe’s leading gin drinkers, which explains the emergence of the Copa De Balon style glass, the now go to glass when making that perfect gin and tonic.

The Copa De Balon was first produced as early as the 1700s in the Basque region of Northern Spain. This perfect gin glass has continued to conquer the globe over the years, but what makes the Copa De Balon the go-to gin glass?

Not only does this glass offer style and elegance to those who drink from it, but it has many practical properties too. The long stem and large round bowl top allow for enough ice to be captured in the glass making way for the perfectly chilled drink, however, it also provides the ice enough room to move around and therefore stops it from melting too quickly and diluting your delicious drink. This fantastic balloon gin glass also collects all the wonderful gin aromas adding immensely to your gin drinking experience. If this is not enough of a reason to upgrade your gin glass to a Copa De Balon, this fancy gin glass has enough space to allow for a cocktail of fruits and other fusions you wish to add, once again making your gin is the most exceptional drink it possibly could be.

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