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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Humidor and Humidor Gift Sets for Cigar Enthusiasts

For cigar enthusiasts, the right humidor is not just a storage solution—it’s an essential tool that enhances and preserves the quality and flavor of their cigars. Humidors come in various sizes, from small portable boxes to large furniture-like pieces, each designed to cater to different needs. Additionally, humidor gift sets can make an excellent choice for those looking to present a thoughtful and luxurious gift to a cigar aficionado. Let’s delve into the details of choosing the perfect humidor or humidor gift set.

Different Sizes of Humidor Boxes

1. Small Humidors: These compact units typically hold between 20 to 50 cigars, making them ideal for beginners or as a secondary option for seasoned smokers who need a portable solution for travel. Despite their size, small humidors come equipped with the necessary features like a humidifier and a hygrometer, which help maintain the required humidity levels. They are usually lightweight, often made with beautiful woods and finishes, and can fit easily in a drawer or a small shelf.

2. Medium Humidors: With a capacity to store 50 to 75 cigars, medium humidors are perfect for regular smokers who maintain a decent collection of cigars. These humidors often become the centerpiece of a smoking room or a study, crafted with aesthetic appeal to match their functionality. They usually offer more sophisticated humidity control systems and might include additional features like multiple trays and dividers for better organization

3. Large Humidors: Designed for the serious collector or a commercial establishment, large humidors can store upwards of 75 cigars. These are substantial pieces of furniture in their own right, often beautifully designed with premium materials like Spanish cedar, known for its humidity control properties and insect repellent qualities. Large humidors typically feature advanced humidity systems, numerous drawers, and shelves to categorize and separate different cigar brands or types.

Humidor Gift Sets

When looking for a special gift for a cigar lover, a humidor gift set can be a particularly elegant choice. These sets usually combine a quality humidor with various accessories that enhance the cigar smoking experience. Here’s what you might expect in a typical humidor gift set:

  1. The Humidor: Often a small to medium-sized humidor, which is practical for most personal uses. These are usually very well crafted, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality.
  2. Accessories: These can include a hygrometer, humidifier, cigar cutter, and sometimes a digital thermometer. Some sets also include a travel case or leather pouch, making them more versatile and appealing for someone who enjoys cigars both at home and while traveling.
  3. Sampler Cigars: Some high-end gift sets might also include a selection of premium cigars. This addition can be particularly delightful, offering an instant start to enjoying the humidor.

Choosing the Right Humidor or Gift Set

When selecting a humidor or a humidor gift set, consider the recipient’s lifestyle. For someone who travels frequently or prefers to keep only a select number of cigars, a smaller, more portable humidor would be appropriate. For an avid collector or someone who aspires to build a larger collection, look towards a medium or large humidor.

Additionally, consider the craftsmanship and the quality of materials used. Humidors lined with Spanish cedar are highly recommended due to their moisture retention properties and the subtle aroma that can enhance the aging process of cigars.

Humidors and humidor gift sets not only preserve and protect cigars; they embody the ritual of cigar smoking, making them an essential part of the connoisseur’s collection and a thoughtful, luxurious gift.

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