Make Your Own Moonshine Kit + Oak Ageing Barrel + Moonshine Liquor


Small handmade tabletop white oak ageing barrel with a wooden stand. With this 1 litre barrel you can age spirits such as whisky to give it a characteristic new flavour. Each barrel has a medium char which allows the contents to interact with the oak, leaving it with a smoother finish and the burned wood releases delicate new additional smokey flavours along with caramel and vanilla.

The oak barrel holds 1 litre. Choose from two different O’Donnell Moonshine spirits: Tough Nut or High High Proof.


The Heritage Barrel – Everything you need to make your own moonshine

In olden days, every rebel set up a moonshine or potcheen still; no matter where you lived in the world, government taxed spirits and individuals objected. The Heritage Barrel allows you to recreate the process of taking that rough liquor and turning it into something truly special.

The finest whisky in the world is just moonshine that has been made from grain mash – so what makes the difference between raw spirit and seductive whisky or bourbon? It’s the barrel ageing. Everything that we value about a good whisky (or whiskey), such as the glowing amber colour, the complex flavour profile and the warm mouth feel comes from chemical interactions between the char on the inside of the barrel and volatile elements in the spirit base. For big distilleries, this process – called maturation – can take several years, because the longer the spirit stays in the barrel the more time it has to engage with the wood and deepen its nature. But the same glorious colour and flavour are available much more quickly if you mature your spirit in a small barrel, like our moonshine kit. Between three and six months in a small barrel can generate all the complexity that takes three years in a large one.

The Heritage Barrel – a unique approach to barrel ageing spirits

Our Heritage Barrel is a ‘make your own moonshine kit’ with a difference. We offer two different flavours of liquor:

  • Tough Nut – a mellow spirit, redolent of hazelnuts, nougat and caramel
  • High High Proof – with 72% volume, this is a spirit base that will blow your socks off!

Each bottle contains 700 ml of your chosen liquor and together they will fill the carefully constructed oak ageing barrel and allow for the “angel’s share” (the amount of spirit and water that evaporate out through the wood during maturation) to give you a full barrel of outstanding moonshine.

There are many reasons for investing in a moonshine kit – the satisfaction of creating your own chosen moonshine, aged to your own particular taste, the excitement of regularly tasting your barrel’s contents and discovering how it’s progressing, and the alchemy of barrel and spirit which will always produce minor variations in flavour and depth. It’s a deeply rewarding process which many people find becomes a fascinating hobby and one that’s always popular with friends and family!

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High High Proof, Tough Nut